01. Down there 02. Kiss the judas 03. Milk and honey 04. Ghosttown 05. Hello and goodbye 06. Hang the DJ 07. Dancing in the sunshine of the dark 08. Your love won´t take me anywhere 09. Next to you 10. Spit into the fire 11. Princess of new york 12. Rainy april day

down there

between the stars we're sitting here our wifes are having breakfast now down on earth the skies are clear oh how we wish that they were here tell me what we're doing here watching the dirty atmosphere we're searching for a place for the human race out in space down there's america down there's africa down there are still people who think that mankind is the most important thing we'll circle till eternity around the world in minutes we understand the history the whole human catostrophy good morning ground contro will my dog still know who I am get shaved and it'll be allright will we return to what we know everything's gonna be allright but if you ask me I don't know if I really want to go back down there down there glows america down there glows africa down there burn the people who think that mankind is the most important thing

the land of milk and honey

you don't get your dreamjob 'cause you're too tall you miss your wakeup-call a drunken guy crashed in your car can't pay for your drinks at the bar your boss said it was nice to work with you, you think he's just a jerk the new shoes you bought are ruined after a mile the sheets are warm the fridge is filled what's up buddy erverthing's so funny living in the land of milk and honey and now your girlfriend sold your favourite cd they've towed your car away while watching girls you fell off a tree and that was hard but now the best you haven't seen one girl undressed mummy said they'll take you out of college


when the night falls I lay my head on shallow ground covered by sand of desert dunes, I will be found write your name with fingers in the sand and it's blown away by sandstorms and I'm gonna leave this ghosttown I'm leaving, leaving, leaving this ghosttown I'm gonna leave it on its own lost souls on dead ground and all the memories that come at night and steel my sleep the neverending game of love and pain I'm in too deep rattlesnkaes draw circles in the dust and while I watch them I realize I must leave this ghosttown

hang the DJ

160 beats per minute is the only thing that I here everbody is dancing with themselves no whispering in each others ear being hopeless at the DJ's mercy I told him once and told him twice to play a slow song for me and my baby but he didn't wannda follow my advice loving couples all over the world united there is hope let's get some drinks for the boys and girls and for the DJ a rope hang the DJ hang him high kill this bastard kiss goodbye another night another DJ but somehow everything's the same flashing lights and my baby smiles I saw the DJ and I knwew I'll loose this game she's got that look something in her eyes the music starts and snap it's gone you've killed my dream now it's on you you bloody ignorant bastard son the DJ lynchmob says goodbye to all the jerks that made us cry

dancing in the sunshine of the dark

6.30 in the morning wake up it's time to go a priest, a smile names in a file last act of the show you can hear them coming keys ring cross the floor don't worry 'bout tomorrow cause you know what they came for and here we go dancing in the sunshine of the dark two cops you've sent to heaven and now it's time to follow you don't mind they should have known a bullet's hard to swallow one last wish is granted kind of last romance lock the cell take of your shoes and then you start to dance someone's gonna miss you throw flowers on your grave dance your soul out of your body smile brother be brave five steps to the gallow and a direct slide to hell enjoy your last steps in the light befor you leave the cell here we go

princess of new york

by the garbage cans she sits in her hands she holds a plastic bag she borrowed from the supermarket her eyes starring holes into the night open windows are her radio luxury for her backyard bed she knows every story of all the gloom and glory this city wrote through all the years you can't miss her cause she is always talking to a mailbox whispering secrets right into the darkness where you can't hear her speak or talk but believe me that she is the princess of new york down 5th avenue she walks dragging her body round the block trying to collect her meal the parking meters are her friends for each one she's got a name hello eddie how are you today ?

rainy april day

a million dollar baby has lost its father today the fallen angel stay in bed with a bullet in his head success makes you horny and bills calm you down no more excuses silent cries the clown your wife will light a candle to guide you on your way hope that you'll find what you've been looking for on a rainy april, rainy april day the public wants answers they don't wanna here and every kiss of yours is public property you gave it all but noone wants to own your fear and fear is all you've left for your baby

hello and gooodbye

today your're their best friend but believe me tomorrow they don't even know your name friendship is a word that has lost its meaning and making friends a funny game tell me why, tell me why it's always been the same tell me why, tell me why hello and goodbye the came without warning they won't leave when you want you wish you could beam'em away but when you really need them they will never appear and if you ask them they will never stay I can see by your eyes you thought they'll never go but tell me please where are you now remember me boy 'cause I told you so but believe me you'll get through somehow

your love won't take me anywhere

I tell your complicated girls are complicated lovers and mostly later they become complicated mothers you say you love me, I don'tr care 'cause your love won't take me anywhere come on not another try 'cause the time is really wasted crap declared as first class meal and I paid before I tasted empty tea cups and the look of angry mothers a lonely angel hidden inbetween the others with wings so white much to white to fly a handicaped angel in a wheelchair passes by soken wt I awake you are awy a smile comes in my face and suddenly I say jippee yo jippeeyay

spit into the fire

burn a candle set a light keep on going against the stream be as mean as mean can be as long as you're not to extreme read the papers watch the news be informed and get the blues collect your garbage use the subway swaying you stay on the roof search for solutions for the future find resources drill for oil raise some powerplants and then burry them under the soil rome is burning the emperor sings waiting for what time may bring his body caressed by the virgins laughing shy he turns around and spits into the fire and hopes that he can calm it down fight the flames with words cause they're cheaper than water thinking he can heal the world but the only thing he really does is sitting on a sofa and spit into the fire rabbits hopping on the green and jump directly in your pan turtles transform into soup enjoy them as long as you can silent sitting writing songs 'bout all the idiots that pretend that their words can change the world I think I'm right but in the end I spit into the fire

kiss the judas

she took you up to seventh cloud you had time to fall is it that what you've been dreaming of a promise big as the universe and all the best for free she ripped you off just when you fell in love I know how it feels I know how it hurts it's the disappointment that makes you feel so sad I know you can top it I know what you will a smile in your face one last embrace to kiss the judas mom is dead and dad's in buffalo a long way to go you paid the ticket but she does not go back enjoy a night under candlelight if you pay the cheque her lips so red and the future looks so black