01. Revelation 02. Killing fountains 03. Cut myself into pieces 04. Should have known better 05. Trapped today, trapped tomorrow 06. Suspicious signs 07. Suspicious jazz 08. Eleonore 09. Click song 10. Survival shake 11. Romantic 12. Anthem of the handsome ransom 13. La la la la la 14. Fools 15. Rain will fall


this is the time for revelation you can'T impress me with your education cause what I want from you is not your head but I tell you what to with it before we go to bed and this is: throw it away REVELATION you've got a boyfriend with long black hair I tell you what baby I don't care you took my finger so test the rest compare me to your "heinz" and then tell me who's the best and throw him away... REVELATION this is the time for revelation so let down your pants she believes in a god above she says the bible is the bookof love she says: take me in your arms and I'll tell you what I'll do I love you tonight and then I'll kick you and: throw you away...

killing fountains

I see rockets in the desert sky I see flesh and blood and I don't know why I've seen fathers and I've seen them die I've seen mothers and their daughters cry surprised soldiers with holes in their heads smiling presidents sweating in their beds dreaming of the land where the black gold flows where the sun always shines and the desert wind blows it's always one step forward and two steps back they stumble and fall an break their necks in the land of the killing fountains once it was god's land in the middle-ages now blue helmets try to stop the rage while rocket launchers burn the sand that's what you call the promised land it's always one step forward and two steps back they stumble and fall and break their necks om the land of killing fountains you can kill bodys but you can't kill religion this is the thruth and peace is the fiction in the land of the killing fountains and millions die with a silent smile seven days a week and the years pass by LAND OF THE KILLING FOUNTAINS where the black gold flows where the desert wind blows

cut myself into pieces

15 minutes to show and 15 more days to go I feel like a cake and every night I cut a piece outfor you so don't tell me that you're hungry I know you are, but I am too I won't tell you what I want but I'll tell you what I won't do oh no I won't cut myself into pieces for no one oh no I won't cut myselft into pieces oh no so look here, here I stand with that cake in my hand and hungry hearts are the only thing that a man like me can't stand don't tell me that you're hungry I know you are but I Am too I won't tell you what I want but I'll tell you what I won'T do oh no.....

should have known better

I sit in my flat watch the late night news 'bout troubles with turks and troubles with jews gallons of beer stream into my mouth they've shot a prime minister somewhere in the south murder in the east and murder in the west the girl on page 3 got an oversized chest germany's united and fergi's go a new dress and the man in the tele says it's blue I should have known better but no one told me I'm not interested in the political scenes just when they raise my taxes cause I know what it means but how can they say that there's not enough to eat look in my fridge it's filled with meat fuck the womens liberation fuck the womens education one iron lady was enough for this nation might be that I don't know what I'm saying here but I'm just interested in tele and beer I should have..... I want it all I want it now

trapped today, trapped tomorrow

this days are gone when the girls used to kiss his nose to wake him up in the morning he looks at his wife once she was young but now she's older than himself and all that happened without warning trapped today trapped tomorrow trapped in love and trapped in sorrow sorry my train won't stop at your station and no explanations the days are gone when the boys used to bring her flowers every night just to please her there was this man now she's his wife they've to kids he works from 9 to 5 he put her in a freezer

suspicious signs

say what's that thing on your back well I guess it's a hair and the hair is black I got you on the phone you said you're all alone I heard these boots on the floor and I beg you baby please no more suspicious signs what do I see suspicious signs now everything's so strange not how it used to be I call you up at three and you say you can't talk to me say what's it all about why do you talk to loud I hear your fingertips playing with italian hips suspicious signs...


oh eleonore you came the long way home coming with a dream and going back alone oh eleonore you have left this place so there's no warm embrace just for a short hello then turn around and go oh eleonore oh eleonore friends are hard to find and you've left yours behind you don't known where to stay but that's the price you pay oh eleonore it shouldn't bother me you wanted to free I've known it all before since you've closed the door oh eleonore and if you turn around you see that there is no one else but me I guess we both know what's best so forget about the rest

click song

he sits in a room down the dead end street dirty old T-shirt sweating in the jeat he's got no girl and no money for a drink no deeper way to sink he was looking for a job, jobs are hard to find everday the same things forture his mind built himself a world to leave those troubles behind I'm sorry that world isn't mine once we were friend but that is long ago in 1987 I decided to go I left him in his room down the dead end street now I've heard he's killed his neighbours dog just to have a piece of meat and that is what I call no chance to retreat

survival shake

this is no story it's the key of existence a little thing you better not forget I don't know nothing bout it's water-resistance why don't you use your head and SURVIVE, SURVIVE so tell me darling what you wanna be a wellcome idiot in an appletree I shake you up and I shake you down down the ground to SURVIVE, SURVIVE all you got to do is to survive you just got one life so better be careful boy


little Jimmy Watkins wasn't ready when the winter came he forgot to order coals so he shivers just himself to blame and the marketwifes covered with blankets I hear them shout in the vain, they try to sell their southern fruits in the icy rain slowly comes the wintertime snowflakes melting on the enginehood and all the young girls put on their scarfs before they haunt their neighbourhood SORRY... so sorry that I'm romantic hot grey steam out of the drains I can't see the traffic lights the smell of cookies and candles icecold stary skies snowballs fly around my head and linda's laughing bright the saucy little skater falls on his nose and cries soon he's outta sight slowly comes....... SORRY SO SORRY THAT I'M ROMANTIC

anthem of the handsome ransom

this is the anthem of the handsome ransom we didn't want to cause any trouble we just wanted them to listen to the band, so we gave'em a fax that said: we have hidden a bomb in your womens toilet if you wanna prevent the desaster come to the club on the 25th to see us. but they came not we paid 500 marks for that some people never heard anything 'bout jokeds THIS IS THE ANTHEM... hello hartwig! we've got the tapes of your new, fantastic band so if you want them back you gotta plaxe 50.000 bucks in the womens toilet of the Teldec, you know, otherwise you won't hear your band again cause we will erase everything come on hartwig COME ON THIS IS THE... we thought music's got something to do with instruments and feelings this is not the truth! lawyers and money that is what counts we sat in a boat with sharks all around us we've tried to get rid off'em but when they smell money you can't hold'em back se we've invented our own kind of kidnapping we're kidnapping ourselves and you pay the ransom that sounds good, ha THIS IS...

la la la la la

she is one of those downtown rats living with mummy in a cheesy flat brother's in the army and daddy's pissed off but she forgets it all when she takes her clothes off I'll buy you flowers instead of a ring I won't go to church cause I can't sing but if take baby I'll tell you what I'll do every night I'll croak a special lullaby for you that goes: LALALALALA sleep well honey I know your daddy wants you to stay home so fill up his mouth with shaving foam let's go out for a ride in a brand new car I haven't got a license but don't tell it to your ma I'm not afraid of your brother, even if he turns red cause I'm bigger than him, so I spit on his head but if you take me baby I'll tell you what I'll do every night I'll croak a special lullaby for you that goes: LALALALALA sleep well honey you can even take my money


don't sing anybody's anthem till you know what's on his mind keep the little grey ones working don't believe them def and blind ask them questions where when who and why shut up yo mamma tells ya shut up yo mamma tells ya too shut up yo teacher tells ya and you're gonna be their fool and when you ask them too much they mostly answer with a sigh and if you do it too directly you won't get a real reply ask them ......