01. Won´t forget these days 02. Drug addicted in the jailhouse 03. No illusions 04. One good reason 05. Seconds to fall 06. On alarm 07. Kill somebody 08. Missing me 09. Last time 10. French funk 11. Don´t dig in my potatoes 12. As time goes by 13. Pussycat

won't forget these days

late at night I switch on my radio I sing myself a lullaby I close my eyes and wait till the wind blows round the corner bringing back the memorys to me well we dreamed our lifes and lived our dreams we've sacreficed our future for a heart of rock'n roll won't forget these days and I never thought I would won't forget these days everybody's so important and they all wanna cheat you learn it by heart right from the start bread is bread and you can even eat it count what you've sold but gold remains cold young boys take their dirty hands and swear nothing should come between us but mostly it comes earlier than anybody wants it

drug addicted in the jailhouse

look at little billy sitting in his cell he's pissing in his pants what an ugly smell he gave him all his money but he won't come back solly billy starts poking 'cause billy's on crack cause he is drug addicted in the jailhouse hey little billy give me all you've got and if it's enough maybe you'll get a shot what you need is a shot in the head and if you pay the prisonguard they'll bring you to bed cause he is drug addicted in the jailhouse ... hey little billy I know what you'll feel life's so funny behind the curtain of steel like a dog in a cage waiting for his meal you got a monkey on your back and that's for real

no illusions

so let the rain fall on me if it's gotta be today it's o.k. and let the fire burn my ass if it's gotta be today it's o.k. cause we've got no illusions and let the water wash my brain if it's gotta be today it's o.k. and if the rivers will run dry if they really want let them dry

one good reason

here we're sitting at the end of our love and the tears run down like a waterfall like a baby you lie in my arms and I shout in your ears but you don't hear me call allways thought we were made for each other and there is nothing that could come between us and now you're hanging on the phone calling your mother is this really going to be the end just give me one good reason to go and I'll be gone faster than the wind blows one good reason to go and I'll be gone - I'll be gone faster than the wind can blow there were so many unspoken words and so many things undone but you won't have the chance to say what you think when I'm sitting here alone and you're gone for every trouble we had a kiss and I'm sure that the troubles are not what I miss but I can't push it away and say it's never been there is this really goin'to be the end

seconds to fall

well it took years to climb that hill and now we look up to the mountains as high as we might climb there's still something we should not forget it takes seconds to fall could happen that you can scratch the clouds could happen that you come tumbling down could be you find yourself at the top of the stairs could be you're just another down it takes seconds to fall at the top of the stairs nobody cares what has been and what will come I on't wanna preach no I'm not the one but you better hear me call it takes seconds to fall

on alarm

you said he was your brother but his name was not miller so if you wanna cheat me you're getting a real killer I'm on alarm now baby be sure I'll get you if I want you said your mama is a real cute and you think your daddy too but I don't love your parents so I can't believe you

kill somebody

this is a rifle and this is a gun this is for killing and this is for fun when the boys cry in the morning light and they take their guns and leave their girls and step outside and they all feel blue cause they're waiting still for the enemy on the other side they're goin'to kill you better kill somebody... when the bombers come with the rising sun and the dreams of glory and blue eyed heroes all have gone on the other side laughs the enemy and I'm sure he won't invite you for a cup of tea you better kill somebody...

missing me

when I'm standing on the stage I see a girl in front of me I don't know what she wants but I know she cries for me she's too young to start a fire but she can't hide her desire so she turns away and cries covering her face with her hands in her dreams I kiss her eyes and this moment never end but she knows that dream's not real and I know what she will feel cause she's missing me teardrops in the dirt oh she's missing me we all know love can hurt cause she's missing me I'm a poster on the wall yes she's missing me buy our records and we love you all well a hundred million dollars that's exactly what we want little girls are little victims an we're always on the hunt when the horn blows "hunting's over" there's no lonely girl to see I'm a little bit confused 'bout the letters that you write seems you think I'm a hero and everything I do is right you know I've tried to explain but it seems that was in vain

french funk

tu dis que je suis un fous je dis que tu es la folie tu dis je suis un grand filou je dis tu es la vâche qui rie... non je ne fume pas non je ne fume pas des cigarettes non je ne fume pas parce-que je fume seulement de l'herbe mon coeur est un gare central mon coeur est seulement pour toi... ne sais pas, mais je croix après trop de veuve diquot I kick the ass of Miss Trudeaux


survive in a city of steel with all the fears all the fears that I feel my life is a wound I can't heel with a bandage with a bandage of steel but I, I've got my own way to go it doesn't matter in which direction the wind will blow so you, you better keep yourself out cause you don't know what it's all about don't dig in my potatoes