01. The brainsong 02. Every generation got its own desease 03. Dead before I was born 04. Radio Orchid 05. Waiting for paradise 06. Haunted head and heart 07. When Im dead and gone 08. When god goes home 09. Friendly fire 10. Hell gets you nowhere 11. Money rules 12. In your room 13. Money Junkie

dead before I was born

well the lord must have had his day of when I was born he went to bed closed his eyes and had some fun mummy sad she wanted me and I was welcome daddy gave his sperm and it was done the first thing that I saw was white the nurse cam with the scissors and said: it's a boy the doctor hit my ass, said come on cry and then I started to scream and I was alive ooh ooh I was dead before I was born and now I'm here and I don't know why cause I wasn't asked at all

generation got its own disease

the more we take the less we give that's the modern way to live and someone said live fast die young but the time runs always fster son diseases come diseases go welcome to the final show let's shake hands with plastic gloves I think that I'm too young to die love that girl and say goodbye change the girls like underwear using bodies without care the love had gone and what we've got is sweet perfume of sex and blood and believe me baby every generation got its own disease and I've got mine so help us please

radio orchid

there's an old lady living in an old house since her husband died she hasn't been out she lives in her own world with her own little nightmares and she's stopped counting the days she buys a radio station with her husbands legacy she does her own show 10 hours a day playys poems and listens lets feelings run free helps people talk their pain away so if your world falls down can't see the light of day call the lady call her station today and listen this is Radio Orchid listen and cry this is Radio Orchid suffer and die this is Radio Orchid listen and cry take your lonely heart and let it fly sending her message she's solving the problems of millions and millionsand who solves hers the old lady gets older still lives in her old house but when she dies we'll all live alone

in your room

in your room there's a bed in the corner there's a view over the town in your room your typewriter's telling stories in your room there are you waiting for me when I look into your eyes I can see myself kings and queens they have lost their heads but I I've lost my heart in your room I'd like to craw into you come cover me with love I'd like to craw into you come cover me with love 'til we've had enough and we never get enough there are worlds beneath the world and they are covered under blankets in your room in your room

friendly fire

we've got a brand new game with an age old name called birds and bees it's always been the same since the world began I know I play with fire and you're gasoline I'm your fool and you're my queen the on that I admire well we've reached the top and don't look back you took my heart and broke my neck ooh how I desire to die in your friendly fire well I want you girl and that's all I want I'll be the blitzkrieg tank at your bedroom front and I'll roll over your landmines in your little jungle I'll be the snake throwing the apples dive in your lake and I'll drink it dry well we've reached the point of no return we started a fire that will always burn oooh how I desire to die in your friendly fire

money rules

what opens doors for you in the restaurants what makes you realize your dreams what let's you buy cars and cars one for every day just what you really need you can't buy what makes the movie beauties smile at you what makes your bogies shine like gold what makes your doctor be your best friend when you visit him what makes the bank-clerks smile and sing and the sing: money rules let's buy the world money rules let's rule the world money rules forget the world money rules let's crack the world

haunted head and heart

well dear friend I guess we both know the scene you and yourself placed in the corners of the ring those unforgiving memories travelling down your face winners and loosers in senseless race the first hit is to be forgiven but the second counts you out and it you'll shout out for a help here you'd better shout out loud haunted head and heart are we brothers in arms in different dreams dreams lon long gone and ruled by dead kings and queens a lot of things hppen and there's nothing you an di the latest truth is a liar 'cause today is brandnew maybe sleep is a station but life is a train and if it will pass you better jump on again haunted head and heart you'll never kiss the world brandnew I hope you understand that in the end you're on your own and happy words are bland

hell gets you nowhere

stood by the roadside late at night hell came along and offered me a ride I thought about it and then I said no I asked my suitcase and my suitcase said let's g and the bass said hell gets you nowhere that I swear went to church sunday without my mum laughed about my neighbour who sat on my chewinggum he said the lord would punish me and hells the right place for me to be

waiting for paradise

hey brother this world is a playground where naughty children steal the other ones toys filthy faces digging in the dirt grey trenchcoates offer sweets to the boys hey sister this world is a whorehouse buy every ass pay every price pride don't exist it's all for sale on a king size bed we sacrefice te rest of our honour for a cup filled with rice standing in the rain waiting for the paradise hey there people this world is a college lab 1000 white mice standing in line laboratory rabbits running in circles with wires in their heas they try to find a way out of their cage to leave the torture behind

when God goes home

there are moments in our lifes when every word is meaningless what has to happen happens and someones directing this I guess there are moments in our dreams where fantasy goes to extremes we close our eyes and drift away nothings left to say there are mad dogs in our governments with dollar bills and guns in hands building walls then knock'em down first destroy the buy the town the write the book of history with lots of blood and misery evers page is drowned in red sleep well in your bed there are moments in our nights when we forget the world outside you'll take my hand and I'll take yours and then we shut the doors when you fell alone at night there's no-one there to hold you tight call me up switch of the light and I'll help you through the night I'll give you everything I've got it's not much believe me but I'm just a little wheel in this machinery of steel oohh when god goes home the world sleeps alone

the brainsong

I went to the hospital asked for a general check the doctor said yes and started to stick needles into my back they sucked out all my blood made me piss into a glass I was connected to machines for thousands of tests what a gas! now I'm still lying in my hospital bed feeling the pain and my little flame of life is left standing in the rain the nurse over me looks like a nmonster out of the drain an nobody knows what I've got so they test me again your brain can fool your body it makes you feel the pain even when you're not ill