01. Balm for the soul 02. One way dead end street 03. Diggin' the soil 04. Romeo and Juliet 05. What about me 06. Come on 07. Breaking new ground 08. Everything I did 09. American shame 10. Frontpage of the SUN 11. Reality sucks 12. MS Koenigsforst

Balm for the Soul

a non smoking flight to, nowhere ready to take off last exit before breakdown send a smile back from above i'm not looking for salvation i'm not waiting for realease give me balm for the soul no giveaway and no donations you know what i want so, please give me balm for the soul replace me with a drum machine while hip hypocrits keep the lyrics clean please no risk just hesitate and march on with the loveparade chorus how are you ? oh thanx i'm fine. i think that i just left in time jump off the train brings fast relief, if you never want to be a well payed clown on mtv

One way dead end street

come on spin the bottle let it turn and if it points to you i'll make you burn spin the bottle let it turn and if it points to me i'll promise you nothing comes for free this, is a one way dead end street the only place where we will meet we're on a one way dead end street all alone and no way home all chances blown let's drink another or what it takes to help me coverall of your fakes so, that no one sees how desperate we are far out heading one way to the stars

Diggin' the soil

give me time to think man the future's plain to see alarm bells ringing in my head smells like conspiracy everything to easy the curtain is never closed someone might believe this shit but i'm not one of those may be all of us are blind too many struggles left behind i don't know why we are bored beyond belief we're dancing on the edge and swim against the flood our heats are waterproof and colder, co1der gets the blood something feels so unreal doubts eating the will bloodless, scared, suspicious but the horse is riding still maybe all we came a long way out of nowhere diggin' the soil tried to find i don't know what diggin' the soil can't remember where we started somehow it seems we forgot so we keep on crawling in the dirt diggin' the soil

Romeo and Juliet

you don't need me i don't know if i need you you don't need me there is nothing i can do i don't think that there's a place in your heart for me these days in any case all we ever need is everything we never had and all we want to hear is what is left unsaid and all that we can do is stare at the stars and dream in your bed of romeo and juliet you don't love me the way that i love you you don't love me i haven't got a clue i don't think that there's a way that you can make me stay today

What about me

you think that my heart's an open door you can walk right into it and have a seat whenever you need it somehow it seems you've thrown away the keys so i can't lock the, door when you come back for more every day and every night what about me i really love you baby can't you see what about me i will always care what about me i understand that you want to be free what about me in moments of despair i will always care for you maybe i am phoney if i say that i cry sometimes when i think you forget me and i know you do could be it's important to be free but when freedom starts to hurt don't you think it's time to think of me whenever i say what about me... don't you think it's time to think of me don't you think it's time to give me all i need delivering your soul could set us free be honest if you want to talk 'bout love to me

Come on

guess we know each other now for seven years why has it always to end up with tears a little problem and soon discussions start we bang our heads and we always forget our hearts somehow, somewhere i guess i had this all before somehow, somewhere i guess i had this all before come on, come on let's go home give the sinking ship a drink i think it better if we go somehow my thoughts are running slow will feel sorry when i awake so you better give me a break take your brown eyes and put'em in a glass put some icecubes in and watch the rotting mess look in my blue ones and you know i never lie give me a drink and i say to you let's have another try

Breaking new ground

the lord of sin appears courtesy of god. in an asian shadowplay convincing the nuns to leave the hospitals while he was scattering his seed among the people the candles flickering in the light wind are fighting against the first rays of the rising sun let us start breaking new ground a rich man is poor when a poor man is rich and a mouse can kill an elephant in a jungle where jesus is a moviestar that drove his porsche in the pool while the apostels had a drink too much in the local topless bar discussing armagedeon faith and hope let us start enriched with sweet temptation we're eating the shadows

Everything I did

it was the calm before the storm when we met we've saved our lifes and lost our hearts instead we've lost our consciousness lost everything we had i thought i got you when i had you in my bed everything i did was wrong and now you're gone everything i did was wrong and now you're gone and i was hoping, i was waiting, i was calling out your name and i was crying with your picture in the rain i've told you fifty times a day that i love you i knew you won't believe a word but it was true i've lost my friends and they all warned me cause they knew that i was running deaf and blind into the blue

American shame

today i met JFK i found him by the way yes he looked a little strange but he said he was o.k. i asked him 'bout the bullets he said he didn't bother this shit is too long ago you ask my brother so i went back on the road looking out for bob i've been looking now for seven days i think that it's a flop so i believe we won't find out from where the bullets came and all that's left is just a big heep of american shame i saw him on the tv they said he stabbed his wife so they put him on the frontpage and they ruined his life no matter if he's guilty the matter is he's black football hero movie star and maybe he's on crack your private life is on tv get ready for the game of american shame

Frontpage of the SUN

bring me down if that is what you want o.k. have fun bring me down and bring it on the frontpage of the sun bring me down in highclass colour turn the truth upside down bring me down and see what you can print to make me mad before i go to bed i think it's cool, i think it's fun to be on the frontpage of the sun my own son takes drugs i'm sorry i never had one and all my friends the thousands that i had you say they're gone you think i'm great the problem is that you are what i hate you say i'm gone that's right but you don't know where and i won't take you there

Reality sucks

o.k. maybe you know it better oh oh reality sucks nobody helps you to make it feel better and you're a dropout that stays away might be that evil took over oh oh reality sucks you're getting to old now to cause a stampede oh oh reality sucks so you're boozing your life away you're blown your brain away reality sucks now you see your life has passed you by you took a shortcut through the junkyard of life maybe that's why reality sucks now you're boozing your life away blowing your head away but dreams didn't make your day